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Japanese Melon Shizuoka Crown Melon - 1.5Kg Piece

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Being the "King of Fruit" in Japan, Shizuoka Crown Melon is harvested in greenhouse with "One Tree, One Fruit" policy and has gone through strict inspection for the freshness, color, sugar content, shape, flavor and ripeness before being distinguished into 4 different grades - Fuji, Yama, Shiro and Yuki. Only 0.1% will be awarded highest Fuji grade, and any minor defects, the melon would be categorized into Yuki's.

Shizuoka Crown Melon is famous with its artistic form, fragrance with the scent of musk, juicy, sweetness, mellow taste and smooth texture. In Japan, Shizuoka Crown Melon is used to serve the royal family and VIPs around the world. Its elegant and prestigious has enabled the melon plays a big part in Japan's gift-giving culture.

Product information:

- From Shizuoka Prefecture.

- Shiro grade

- Approx 1.5kg per piece

- Rich in Vitamin A, C, K,  E, calcium, iron and etc. Its high antioxidants and fiber contained, help protect body against diseases. Its health benefits including prevent anxiety, constipation relief, blood pressure control and reduce risk of cancer.

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