About Us

1. 7 years of experience in selling & importing of premium fruits. To establish Juiko with hopes to promote & deliver the best quality & tasting exquisite items that carefully cultivated & Produced, to every corner that we have not reached out.

2. To experience the changes in season via seasonal fruits. Remind us with the sweet memories.

3. Cultivation of relationships: Let whole family gather after meal, to experience the color , smells & tastes of every season from fruit, enjoy the family times with smile on face.

5. Lifestyle: Healthy & quality lifestyle via introducing these certified & rich in Vitamin natural products to customers & their family.

6. Sense of Gratitude & Care: Perishable is always the best way to express your gratitude & care. As the recipient will feel your message right away via the color, smell & taste of your gift.

7. All the orders will be carefully inspected, packed and delivered in meeting customer expectations & satisfaction.

8. Try our air-flown products, to taste the freshness as there are grown in your garden.

9. Consumers' health & satisfaction are always our priority.  Juiko strives to deliver the best quality products to our customers.

10. We're manage by Juiko Global Sdn Bhd. Company Registration No. : 202101021045 (1421345-W)

Fresh With Us

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